Acryfin Coastal Coatings

Meet Pete Gray  |  Owner + Operator of Acryfin Coastal Coatings

As a lifelong resident of Monmouth County New Jersey, with over 10 years of experience in the residential painting industry, I saw the need for a superior product like Acryfin® Coatings.

Protecting your wood and concrete surfaces from the elements prevents costly repairs, keeps it looking good, and ensures it will be ready for action when warm weather finally returns. 

Acryfin® is — simply put — the best product available when it comes to Deck Coatings, Dock Coatings and Concrete Coatings! One of our main objectives is to provide a long lasting solution for marina owners and homeowners as it relates to preserving their wood and concrete surfaces. Our product offers many more years of service to these areas.

As a local business owner, I strive to provide our customers with a superior product backed with a 10-Year Warranty along with excellent customer service. I look forward to earning your business.

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Before ACRYFIN ® Acrylic Polymer Coatings
After ACRYFIN ® Acrylic Polymer Coatings